If a truck is shaking, moving slowly, consuming a lot of power, the cause of these symptoms is not always easy to identify. With the modern AC technology a lot of components are required to enable a smooth operation. The PulseChecker is an easy way to check rotary encoders for most common problems: open and short circuit, missing pulses … No need for an additional power supply, the internal 9 V battery provides power to the PulseChecker and encoder and shows the results on the display.

TVH's Energic Plus Battery Regenerator is the ultimate solution to extend the life of your equipments' traction batteries.

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Discover how easy it can be to clear the road of snow, by means of our CAM attachments snow ploughs.

TVH wishes you a happy Chinese New Year in this year of the monkey.

How can you look up the correct chain? In MyProductSearch - one of the search modules in MyTotalSource - you can look up the correct references based on technical specifications of the part you are looking for: chains, mast rollers, grease nipples, tyres, forks ...

No more need for an expensive sweeper or messing about with hydraulic connections. The SmartSweep® is the first sweeper that is easy to install and can be fitted to all lift trucks. This is a revolution in sweeper technology.

The CAM attachments® four-fork positioner allows you to handle and store 2 pallets fast and with a minimal waste of space. The standard hydraulic flow divider ensures a synchronized positioning of the 4 forks.

Each year, more than 25 000 electronic components are reconditioned at TVH. We handle each part with the highest possible care and precision. Joysticks and controllers are just some of the products you can contact TVH for.

The CAM attachments® rotator is used for applications where a load of pallet containers, boxes, racks, drums or just the forks must be rotated in either direction.