Quarter pallet truck


Working in a store requires a certain level of discretion and care. You have to be discrete so you don’t disturb the customers, and careful enough not to drop any of the products you distribute. No need to worry about this anymore thanks to this pallet truck for quarter pallets.

The quarter pallet truck, also known as a display pallet truck, allows you to easily move and lift quarter pallets up to 300 kg. Quarter pallets are one quarter of the size of a regular 120-by-80 cm European pallet, and are widely used.

This pallet truck is very popular in supermarkets, gas stations and other places where replenishing racks is an important activity. Its compact size makes the pallet truck highly manoeuvrable, which reduces the required working space. 


  • Ideal to move displays in supermarkets, tankstations ...
  • Ergonomically correct handle for easy movement
  • Low weight of the truck makes it highly manoeuvrable
  • Can be used to many types of quarter/display pallets
  • Parking brake possible so that the pallet truck remains in position when loading or unloading


  • High-quality steel
  • Easy to use in narrow aisles with limited turning radius
  • Soft wheels for noiseless moving
  • Safe and secure thanks to the closed hydraulic system
  • The polished pistons and cylinders guarantee a long lifetime

Technical information

  • Capacity: 300 kg 
  • Fork length: 605 mm 
  • Fork width: 200 mm 
  • Lift height: 310 mm 
  • Total width: 500 mm 
  • Weight: 48 kg