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Anderson Power Products® (APP®), founded in 1877, is a recognised international leader in high power interconnect solutions. TVH was chosen as an approved supplier and is the ideal partner to support the brand’s global customers.


APP is a subsidiary of IDEAL® Industries, and their connectors are used around the world across many markets including Telecom & IT Equipment, Motive Power and Alternative Energy. The brand offers a range of connectors to meet power, signal and ground needs in protected or environmentally exposed applications. 

Why choose APP ?

Choose APP for their superior custom design and qualification capabilities. Anderson Power Products is your best connection. APP® ( ISO 2001:2015) is the original inventor of the flat-wiping contact technology used in many of the APP connector designs. Their long history and established reputation as a leading designer and provider of high-quality, rugged interconnectors provide their customers with reliable, cost-effective solutions.
Connector features include:

  • Coloured and mechanically keyed housings for voltage specification.
  • Safety Agency certifications/approvals include UL, CSA, TUV, IEC and DIN where applicable
  • Power and power/signal hybrid connector solutions up to 550 amps/600 volts
  • Robust connectors that provide up to 10,000 mating cycles
  • Collaborative new product development with in-house UL/CSA/TUV lab to expedite time to market for new solutions.

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Discover the APP battery connectors in our catalogue “Batteries, chargers & accessories”.

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