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With its excellent quality and ergonomic applications, the Climax® range offers an extensive choice in handling equipment: pallet trucks, stackers, scissor pallet trucks ...


Climax® offers a wide range of professional and qualitative material handling products: 

  • manual & electric hand pallet trucks
  • weighing hand pallet trucks 
  • scissor hand pallet trucks
  • lift tables
  • manual, semi-electric and electric stackers 
  • electric tugs

Why choose Climax ?

The equipment relieves the back and arms of the operator by lifting, moving and pushing the load in a comfortable way. Furthermore, every product is equipped with additional ergonomic details such as handles or electronic devices.

All Climax products are CE-certified. In addition they are also very user-friendly and suitable for an efficient and safe working environment. 

The Climax® range is made to fulfil every need in the warehouse. Every handling problem can be solved with one of the products in our range.

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