About GEM One

GEM One is a telematics solution that provides the data you need to optimise your fleet management. It lets you track and monitor all your machines, including forklifts, mobile elevating work platforms, telehandlers, sideloaders, earth-moving equipment, and a range of other machinery. GEM One is compatible with all makes and models of material-handling, industrial and agricultural equipment.
By connecting to GEM One, you gain the ability to optimise your fleet, extend the lifetime of your equipment, improve safety and security, and reduce your environmental footprint.

How does it work?

You install GEM One tracking devices in all your machines. These feed data directly to the GEM One processor. That data is processed and presented to you in reports and insights that you access via the GEM One online platform. It’s easy to review this information at any time. You always know exactly what each machine has been up to, from its location to how it has been used, and you gain insights that help you optimise its performance.

The GEM One package includes all the hardware and related software you need to get set up. Does your machine already have a tracking device? Then it’s almost ready for GEM One. We connect your existing tracker to our portal, and you have all your data at hand in no time. 

Why choose GEM One?

GEM One is a full-service telematics solution. It’s the only platform you need to easily manage your entire fleet. And there’s no need to worry about different tools for different makes. GEM One makes telematics easy with one tool for all your machines, no matter what makes and models they are.

The insights generated by GEM One offer advantages for your whole team. From the fleet owner to the mechanic and other employees. Everyone benefits from knowing exactly what’s happening, and easily spots areas that are ripe for improvement.

More info

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