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KUKKO-Werkzeugfabrik Kleinbongartz & Kaiser oHG is the manufacturer of extractor tools for users in the trade and industry. In 1919, Kleinbongartz & Kaiser oHG, the core company of today´s KUKKO Group, was founded by Alfred Kleinbongartz and his brother-in-law Emil Kaiser in Remscheid, the centre of the German tool industry. As of October 2013, the company is situated is Hilden.

KUKKO has been an independent, owner-run family company for four generations and is one of the world´s leading producers of extractor tools of all kinds.

From the very beginning, KUKKO specialized in the development and manufacturing of extractor tools for the non-destructive disassembly of gears, bearings, ball bearings and similar components in all areas of technology.

Why choose Kukko ?

Glide & Fix technology: The optimized geometry of the bridge and arm allows for very light shifting of the towing hooks on the bridge.

Quick adjust technology: The red hand knobs allow a quick loosening, shifting and tightening of the pull straps on the bridge without using a wrench.

Armlock technology: The cross hooks ensure a maximum stability of the suspension of the towing hooks in the slips.

Easy screw technology: Smooth running of the operating nut thanks to an integrated thrust bearing. The frictional resistance is kept to a minimum.

Light Shift technology: Smooth-running, self-adjusting tow bars with internal springs.

Autogrip technology: Automatic self-locking and self-centering of the towing hooks.

Self Lock technology: By tightening the clamping nut, the tow bars become tightened in the centre and clamp onto the part which has to be pulled.

Pullback technology: Unique, smooth reversing of the chisel from distorted or split nuts.

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