liftCam info

TVH is exclusive worldwide distributor for liftCam, an AC wireless camera system for forklifts and other industrial machines.


Moving pallets

- Reduced stress for driver
- Reduced amount of damaged goods and racks


- Less neck or back pain for driver
- Less risk of collisions

Advantages liftCam

- Quick and easy installation in 3-5 minutes
- No need for cables, no special cable reel needed, no more broken cables
- Easy to mount or reposition
- Digital transfer of data: no interference or distortion of the signal
- The camera can send the images through the wireless digital transfer to the monitor, with a range of 150 m in open air

Why choose liftCam ?

Check out all info on the liftCam in the liftCam brochure.

More info

LiftCam is a product of Luda Elektronik AB, founded in 2003 and based in Sweden. Today, LUDA Elektronik AB is the leading, fastest growing company in Europe specialized in animal and farming surveillance. Through strong partnerships with leading distributors, LUDA fills an important role combining innovative technology with attractive marketing solutions. A LUDA product must always be easy to install and easy to use, with a clear benefit for the customer.