Mega info

TVH is a reseller of Mega jacks and workshop presses.


The prestige of the Mega brand is not improvised. With over 60 years of history in Melchor Gabilondo, S.A., the company bases its reputation on a tradition of quality, credibility and know-how that is renewed each day and is enriched by generations of professionals committed to surpass the quality of their tools and guaranteeing a promising future for the brand Mega.

Why choose Mega ?


- streamlined design and excellent finish quality with vanguard building technologies
- safety devices for the protection of the operator and the loads
- maximum convenience, security and a good functioning

Workshop presses (from 10 tot 100 tonnes)

- moveable head
- screw for quick approximation and precision adjustment
- pneumatic and manual activation for both approaching and loading
- manometer
- winch
- possibility of installing punches

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You can find the Mega products in our catalogue Consumables & accessories.