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Honeywell is the leading manufacturer of safety solutions. All products set the standard for comfortable, high quality protection at work.

Miller® by Honeywell is the global leader in safety at height solutions at work.


For over 65 years, the Miller brand has been synonymous with providing Personal Fall Protection Products and Services for workers. As the global leader for more than five decades, Honeywell Safety Products provides a comprehensive line of Miller® brand fall protection products and related services.

MILLER® Products

- Full-body harness body wear
- Connecting devices
- Anchorage connectors
- Ladder climbing systems
- Confined space & rescue devices
- Professional fall prevention & protection training
- Engineered solutions

Why choose Miller ?

There is absolutely no room for error when it comes to picking the right industrial safety gear for working at height. Miller® is dedicated to the design and installation of custom-engineered fall protection systems.

All engineered solutions are in accordance with the client’s work environment, procedures and budget. The expected added benefits include a significant reduction in risk, the maintenance or lowering of insurance premiums, better control over worker compensation claims, regulatory compliance and ultimately, the safeguarding of employee safety. 

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In our Consumables & accessories catalogue, we have a chapter on personal safety where you will find all Miller products we offer.

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