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Safety Jogger

Extra light, extra flexible and extra strong. Those are the keywords that were combined in one shoe thanks to the use of an anti-perforation SJ Flex midsole and a composite toe cap.

SJ Flex is an innovative technology that combines high strength with light weight. The SJ Flex sole has proven its quality in different applications.
Safety Jogger uses the SJ Flex technology in a complete range of safety shoes which make them safer, stronger, lighter, more flexible and more comfortable than steel shoes.

Safety Jogger produces shoes with a breathable pre-moulded EVA insole, designed to give maximum comfort and air control.

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TVH is an authorized Safety Jogger Dealer.

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Safety Jogger was founded in 2001 as a part of the Cortina Group which is - with its 25 million pairs of shoes - one of the largest European shoe distributors. More than thirty years of experience in the development and distribution of shoes gave Safety Jogger the possibility to become an international brand in no time. In addition to safety shoes the company also offers a line of gloves at the best price/quality combination.

Safety Jogger supplies comfortable safety shoes and socks of superior quality. Thanks to the newest technologies, the safety shoes offer protection under diverse circumstances. No work shoes without work socks! Our feet are busy all day long and can use the extra support and comfort that the socks have to offer them.

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