SmartSweep mounted on forklift

SmartSweep info

TVH sells the SmartSweep cleaning application since December 2008.


The SmartSweep is a mechanical sweeper that can be attached to diesel, LPG and electric lift trucks. The sweeper is designed for in- and outdoor use (in dry conditions) and collects dirt and rocks. 

Why choose SmartSweep ?

SmartSweep is an economic alternative for buying a scrubber or sweeper machine.

- Easy installation: can be fitted in less than 1 minute
- No hydraulic connections required
- Can be mounted on all lift trucks
- Designed for indoor and outdoor use
- Total capacity: 400 kg
- 100% dust control thanks to the vacuum created inside and the installed filter
- The brushes are mechanically driven by the wheels via belts
-  Can easily be emptied over a skip by means of a lever
- Turns automatically in corners thanks to the small turning circle

More info

You can find all information and a demo on the SmartSweep website: