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TVH is a partner of Total oil products.


Total Belgium offers a complete range of lubricants that are custom-made, both for the automotive sector and both the industry.
In collaboration with the largest manufacturers, Total develops among other things ‘Fuel Economy’ products and lubricants with a low sulphate, phosphorus and sulphated ash (low SAPS) that contribute to a reduction of the consumption and a limitation of the CO2-emissions.
For the industry Total offers lubricants that are adapted to the specific characteristics of each sector. Technological progress and a better productivity are vital in the industry. Thanks to the technical knowledge of our teams Total develops and sells:

- Industrial lubricants adapted to the specific characteristics of each sector
- Products that are cleaner and more environment-friendly
- The best advice and detailed technical guidance on the use of the oils
- Continuous assistance in the search for technical improvements

Why choose Total ?

- Total approach and engagement: global player in the field of gas, refining, petrochemistry and the distribution of oil derivatives, as well as an international player in the chemicals sector
- Expert in the field of lubricants
- Limitation of the risks of toxicity and VOC-emission
- An eye for recycling: ISO 9001 and 14001-certification of Total Belgium
- Innovation: continuous investments in R&D in order to develop high-tech products

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You can find our Total products in the catalogue Consumables & accessories.