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Forklift radiators are essential parts of all internal combustion and gasoline engines. They’re responsible for cooling the engine. In this guide, you’ll discover:

Radiators release the heat

Inside an internal combustion engine, there are up to 4,000 petrol explosions per minute. Each generates temperatures as high as 1,500°C. To cool the engine down, engine coolant is circulated through the engine block. It absorbs heat from the engine and then passes through the radiator, which releases the heat into the atmosphere. This process keeps the machine operating at an ideal working temperature.


The different types of forklift radiators and heat exchangers

We offer a wide range of forklift radiators and heat exchangers at TVH:

  • Intercoolers: An intercooler is exclusively used for machines with turbo engines. It cools the air that the turbo engine blows out.
  • Oil coolers: Oil travels through the engine and lubricates various engine parts. This keeps them running smoothly and reduces wear and tear. The heat of the engine warms the oil, so the oil cooler is necessary for cooling it back down. 
  • Water coolers: Water coolers are a part of almost every internal combustion engine. Their main role is to cool the engine down and prevent it from overheating. 
  • EGR coolers: An EGR cooler improves a machine's overall performance. It cools the exhaust gas before it’s recirculated via the intake manifold. This process reduces the combustion temperature and the amount of gas produced in the combustion chamber.
  • Fuel coolers: Fuel that’s too hot results in poor combustion. That’s why a pump distributes coolant through the system alongside the hot fuel. By running side by side, the coolant is able to absorb heat and thus cool off the fuel. 

Keep forklift engines cool with these radiator maintenance tips

The radiator is the main component of the machine’s cooling system, so it’s important to keep it in good working condition. Regular inspections and maintenance are strongly advised. Use these tips below to prevent an engine from overheating:

1. Regularly inspect engine parts

Worn out parts such as hoses, fans or filters can cause an engine to overheat. That’s why it’s very important to regularly inspect these parts. This enables you to recognise potential problems early and avoid an actual breakdown. 

2. Check the engine coolant level

Make sure there’s always enough engine coolant in the system. If there isn’t, the machine will overheat very quickly

3. Replace the engine coolant regularly

Just like oil, engine coolant has a limited lifespan. How often it needs to be replaced depends on the type of coolant and how the machine is used. Always stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

4. Be aware of where the machine is used and how intensely it’s driven

To keep an engine in tip-top shape, it’s important to know where and how the machine is being used: 

  • Is the floor dusty? Excessive dust and dirt can put extra pressure on a machine and clog the filters.
  • Is the machine operated in a hot environment? The temperature of the working environment has a high impact on the machine. If the machine tends to get hot, be sure to allow time for it to cool down.
  • How is the machine driven? Is it always moving at top speed? Or used to handle heavy loads? The intensity with which the driver operates the machine greatly affects how quickly it heats up.

Quality forklift radiators approved by our strict quality control department

Our quality control department follows strict standards to ensure only quality forklift radiators make it onto our shelves: 

  1. Sourcing and rating suppliers: New and existing suppliers face regular quality assessments. We thoroughly test the quality, packaging and overall reliability of each product.
  2. Sample testing: All samples received from suppliers are subjected to in-depth quality testing.
  3. Checks and storage: Incoming parts are measured and tested against specs for the specific part, as well as technical data, technical drawings and sample testing reports. Once approved, the part is given an internal code and label, individually packed and then stored in our warehouse where conditions such as humidity and temperature are constantly monitored.

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Replacement forklift radiators suitable for all major forklift brands

We provide quality replacement radiators for all brands and makes, including hard-to-find ones. Our forklift radiators are suitable for:

AtletAusa, Balkancar, Baoli, BT, Caterpillar, Cesab, Clark, Coventry Climax, Crown, Daewoo, DanTruck, Doosan, Fenwick, Fiat, Halla, Hangcha, Heli, Hyster, Hyundai, JCB, Jungheinrich, Kalmar, Komatsu, Lansing, Linde, LOC, Manitou, Mitsubishi, Montini, Nichiyu, Nissan, Nuova Detas, OMG, Rocla, Shinko, Sisu, Steinbock, Still, Stocklin, Tailift, TCM, Toyota, Unicarriers, Utilev, Yale.

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