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A water pump is the heart of an engine’s cooling system. It’s a centrifugal pump that’s driven by a belt connected to the crankshaft of the engine. A water pump’s primary function is to push coolant through the machine’s engine block, radiator and hoses to keep the engine system cool. After being heated, the coolant is transferred back to the radiator to cool off before being sent through the system again.

The different types of water pumps

We offer a wide range of water pumps at TVH:

  • Water pumps with an axle
  • Water pumps with a flange
  • Water pumps with a gear
  • Water pumps with a belt pulley
  • Other special types of water pumps

Water-pump housing is usually made of aluminium or cast iron. Depending on the individual water pump, the impeller is manufactured from synthetic materials, steel or bronze. Impellers made from synthetic materials and bronze come with an extra advantage: they are not affected by corrosion.

Tips and tricks for your forklift's water pump

The most common reason a water pump malfunctions prematurely is because there’s too much belt tension. Always adjust the belt tension in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations

When performing regular maintenance checks, be sure to check the entire cooling system. Is there evidence of wear and tear on the tubes? Are there any leaks in the radiator or elsewhere in the cooling system? Replace worn or leaking parts immediately to avoid complications down the track.

Pollution can really clog up the cooling system, preventing it from working properly. That’s why it’s important to clean the entire system. Removing dirt particles keeps the cooling system running smoothly and prevents it from malfunctioning prematurely

Make sure the weep hole is clean and intact. The weep hole allows leaking coolant to escape the pump, instead of being forced past the seals and possibly contaminating the bearings.

Finally, always use the correct coolant for your engine. The wrong coolant won’t flow easily through the engine system. This can damage the engine system and lead to disastrous results. It’s also a good idea to check your coolant level from time to time, always following the manufacturer's instructions.

Quality forklift water pumps, approved by our strict quality control department

Our quality control department follows strict standards to ensure only quality forklift water pumps make it onto our shelves: 

  1. Sourcing and rating suppliers: New and existing suppliers face regular quality assessments. We thoroughly test the quality, packaging and overall reliability of each product.
  2. Sample testing: All samples received from suppliers are subjected to in-depth quality testing.
  3. Checks and storage: Incoming parts are measured and tested against specs for the specific part, as well as technical data, technical drawings and sample testing reports. Once approved, the part is given an internal code and label, individually packed and then stored in our warehouse where conditions such as humidity and temperature are constantly monitored.

Learn more about out quality control department.

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