You work with an own system to keep track of all orders and offers. Then why would you input all orders in a different program or system again to pass them on to your supplier? Thanks to MyTVHLink this is no longer necessary.

    Free MyTVHLink program

    MyTVHLink is a free web service by TVH to integrate into your software. Via the EDI-connection, the details you inputted into your own program automatically arrive with TVH as an order or an inquiry. So you continue to work in your own program.

    We offer an integration package to help you program the integration in Java and .net. This package can even be easily translated into other programming languages.

    NEW: In addition to the integration packages, we offer a ready-made add-on bundle for Navision, Classic version and Role Tailored (version 2009 and later).  If you are interested in the free add-on, just contact or +32 56 43 48 66.

    Your benefits

    Gain in time: you only need to enter all data once.
    Less risk of errors: you no longer need to re-type the data.
    Quick installation: your programmer can install everything in one day.
    Traceability: you have a perfect overview of all assignments in your own program.
    Simplicity: all we need is the make, part number and the desired quantity.

    Automatic price calculation for your webshop

    Does your company also have a webshop? Via MyTVHLink your customer will automatically see the correct price. Underlying, the price inquiry is sent to TVH. The margin you set yourself is then automatically added to our price.

    Easy installation

    We transfer the necessary files to you, which your programmer can easily install by himself. The installation is then performed in close collaboration with our IT-department. So you are sure to get a good follow-up. In addition, we also collaborate with software companies worldwide such as Mistral and ETI visu in France, C.S.D. Emilia in Italy, Opus in Germany, Didata and Bever Software in the Netherlands, Protean in the UK.

    Demo kit

    Are you interested and would you like to see all the possibilities that can be realised with MyTVHLink?

    Ask for our demo kit. After the installation, without already needing an integration with your software, you will get an idea of the possibilities. This way you can test MyTVHLink before you decide to integrate the program into your corporate software.

    More info?

    Our e-commerce team is ready to answer all your questions.

    Contact us on +32 56 43 48 66 or send an e-mail to