Employee Training

TVH believes in creating a work environment that fosters the individual growth of our employees.  Our comprehensive training and mentoring programs provide each employee with the tools they need not only to grow but to succeed.


Employee training is an essential component to TVH's success.  This online training tool is designed to be a one-stop-shop for our employee's continued growth and development.  Through MyTLink employees can choose from a wide variety of e-learning opportunities on a broad range of topics.  

Employee access:  https://mytlink.tvh.com/launchpad.  (Chrome required) 

TVH Mentor

TVH believes that mentoring is a powerful and essential tool for professional development.  Mentoring supports and encourages employees in order to maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and achieve their overall career goals.  The TVH Mentor Program matches employees with suitable, experienced TVH leaders who will help guide and nurture their careers within the organization.

TVH Leadership Academy

The TVH Academy is a program designed to promote teamwork, growth and development, creativity and initiative.  Leaders attend 12 days of training sessions throughout the year that cover a variety of topics.  Graduates of the TVH Academy also have access to refresher courses, extended one-on-one coaching sessions, and Level II training classes.