TVH becomes Schwarzmüller Inverter Worldwide Service Center

11 Aralık 2019

TVH, the worldwide leader in replacement parts and accessories for material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment, has been appointed as the authorized worldwide service center by Schwarzmüller Inverter (‘SMI’), a German high technology manufacturer of electronic controllers and related products for application in battery-powered vehicles. 

Schwarzmüller Inverter SMISince December 1st 2019, SMI redirects all customers to TVH for the repair of their Schwarzmüller Inverter phased out dACi-series inverters. In addition to the repair services that SMI used to provide, and to further improve the service level, TVH now also offers most of the dACi inverters in its service exchange programme. While Schwarzmüller Inverter continues to focus on the development and manufacturing of innovative solutions for OEM customers, TVH is now the exclusive authorized worldwide service center for dACi-series of inverters.

As Johnnie Rask Jensen, CMO of SME Group said: “Through the alliance with TVH we are now able to provide extended and superior service on our phased out dACi-series inverters to our customers all around the world. The experience and the organization of TVH will provide benefit to our customers that will now have local support.”  

“Expanding our current partnership with SME Group means a lot to me”, said Lorenz Verfaillie, Director Electronics TVH Parts. “It proves that SME Group thinks of TVH a suitable partner and that TVH has done a good job in recent years. Our experienced and skilled technical team has received all training and all technical information to remanufacture dACi inverters. We are ready to serve our customers.”

For SMI customers, this cooperation will be beneficial as it will lead to improved services, higher product availability and excellent technical support in different languages.

For TVH, this agreement aligns with its commitment to provide customers with a true one-stop shop experience for parts and accessories.

With its 6000 m² facility, and remanufacturing more than 50.000 electronic parts a year, TVH is Europe's largest, best equipped and most diverse supplier/remanufacturer of electronic parts for all types of electric vehicles. 

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