TVH launches new company movie

15 Ocak 2020

TVH, global player in the field of forklift trucks and industrial vehicles and parts for these machines, recently created a new corporate movie for TVH Parts Holding, one of its two business units. It is no coincidence that the company launches it following its 50th anniversary. In this dynamic company movie, TVH's strengths and growth are central. 

For TVH, 2019 was all about its golden jubilee. After celebrating in all TVH locations worldwide, the company now launches a new corporate movie for TVH Parts Holding.

TVH Group consists of two business units: TVH Parts Holding and mateco Holding. TVH Parts Holding today supplies parts for material handling, industrial and agricultural machines in more than 180 countries. TVH Equipment is the Belgian branch of mateco Holding and comprises the sale, rental and maintenance of new and second-hand forklifts and mobile elevating work platforms.

International one-stop shop

The new company movie focuses strongly on the international character of the organisation. “Especially our customer service is discussed extensively”, says Isabelle Van de Voorde, Communications Manager at TVH. “For example, we are able to assist our customers in 37 languages. Each part is delivered within 24 hours (in Europe) or 48 hours (worldwide). And all this thanks to our greatest asset: our employees. That is why they were given a central role in the video.”

TVH at a glance

Furthermore, the new corporate movie shows how big the company has become. It explains how TVH Parts Holding operates from its global headquarters in Belgium, regional headquarters in the US and some 76 other branches worldwide. The enormous variety of parts - e.g. more than 42 million references and more than 775,000 items in stock - is also mentioned. To conclude, the spotlight is placed on the newly built warehouse in Waregem, which will be operational in the course of 2020.

“With the growth of our company, we also needed a new corporate movie, which we want to use at events and fairs to give a nice, accurate picture of what TVH Parts is today”, Isabelle Van de Voorde concludes.

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