Sad News From the Thermote Family

Rita Thermote-Vanpoucke

It is with great sadness that we report the unexpected passing of Rita Thermote-Vanpoucke on Tuesday January 16, 2018.

Together with her husband Paul Thermote, and Paul Vanhalst, she was at the birth of TVH. In the early years, she had a very extensive variety of duties, but she was best known as TVH's first HR manager, who gave substance to what we nowadays call the We Are One values. She also passed on her sense of entrepreneurship to her daughters Ann and Els. 

Last summer, Paul and Rita celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, one of the many family gatherings Rita organized so beautifully.  

Rita's life is inextricably linked to the growth of TVH, without her the company wouldn't be where it is now.

Together with all of our colleagues, we express our condolences to the family and wish them strength during this difficult time.

The funeral will take place on Saturday, January 20th in the deanery church on the market square in Waregem, Belgium.

Thank you, Rita, for your invaluable contribution to this wonderful company.