At TVH, we dare to think outside the box

02 October 2017

Most of you are very familiar with our current TVH-branded shipping boxes. However, we decided to let go of the past and invest in the future! Your future, as well as ours…

In the very near future, the familiar boxes will be replaced by non-branded, neutral ones and we have taken this decision for many different reasons. First of all, because ecology is a huge aspect of present-day business. Neutral boxes are less whitened and no ink is used, which allows it to be more environment-friendly in both production ànd recycling. Second reason: you can easily reuse the boxes for shipments towards your customers, or for many other purposes.This adds to the environmental benefit, as well as the economic one.

The transition will go step-by-step, but gradually you will see more neutral boxes coming your way!
Nevertheless, we definitely remain proud of our company and our brand: so keep an eye out for our messages to you depicted on the TVH tape!

As an increasing amount of goods is shipped every year, the need for packaging boxes places a great strain on the environment. Reusing boxes instead of discarding them considerably extends their lifespan, while simultaneously relieving the environment. Every metric tonne of cardboard that is reused saves more than 20 000 litres of water, enough lorry fuel to drive 2026 km, more than 3 cubic metres of landfill capacity and 266 kg of air-polluting emissions.

Already imagined what you can do with the cardboard boxes? Delivering your parts to your client is one option, but you can make some creative things with it too. Find some inspiration in the pictures below. Let’s go green!

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