How do I replace the window(s) of my machine?

08 March 2019

Loose chippings, temperature fluctuations, storm ... All kinds of circumstances where there's a chance that a window of your machine will be damaged. Is the damage limited to a small chip, then your windscreen can still be saved. However, if the damage is more severe, it is quite possible that you will have to replace your window completely. But how do you go about this exactly? Simple, just follow our step-by-step plan!

1. Acquire a new windscreen

A first - fairly logical - step in replacing your windscreen is to purchase a new one. Clearly check with your supplier if the offered glass has the legal glass stamp and if the window is made of safety glass. This can be either laminated or tempered glass. You can't make that choice yourself, as this was determined by the manufacturer of your cabin, which means you'll have to follow his recommendations.

  1. Laminated glass: this type of glass is composed of two or more thin layers of glass with a layer of plastic sandwiched in between, keeping everything together. In case of a crack, the windscreen will show fracture lines, but it will remain in one piece. In many cases, windscreens and roof panes are made of laminated glass.
  2. Tempered glass: this is a type of glass that has undergone a thermal treatment and is extremely resistant to shocks, as a result of the internal stress that the treatment creates. When broken, the glass shatters into thousands of harmless glass particles. Door windows are often made of tempered glass.

Looking for the suitable window for your machine? In our range of windscreens and glazing, you will definitely find what you need for your machine. Haven't found what you were looking for? Then definitely contact us, we will gladly help you.

2. Ensure a good preparation

Avoid having to replace other parts such as the rear-view mirror or the windscreen wipers by removing them before you remove the windscreen. Don't forget to protect the paint and dashboard of your machine by means of masking tape or a cloth.

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3. Make sure you have help when removing the old window and installing the new

Another measure is to make sure that you don't have to carry out this intensive job on your own. It is possible to do this alone, but it is not recommended. After all, a windscreen can be a large and heavy part. This is why there is a good chance that - if you want to carry out the job alone - you will drop the window due to its weight or insufficient grip. In itself this may not be so bad, because you were already replacing the window anyway, but we suspect that you prefer to avoid the cleaning work. Furthermore you could also damage the machine by doing it on your own.

4. Remove the damaged windscreen from your machine

Start by removing the damaged windscreen from your machine. We recommend that you always replace the rubber seal together with the window, for two reasons. First of all, glass splinters that are difficult to remove may enter the seal when the window breaks. Secondly, rubber is a material that loses its elasticity and flexibility over time and thus its efficiency as well.

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A window can be (un)installed in three different ways. As with the choice of the type of glass, you can't decide for yourself again, as this is stipulated by the manufacturer. When disassembling, it is especially important that the right tool is used: all kinds of tools that we have in our range and that you can easily purchase through our webshop MyTotalSource. What's more, we also sell Teroson glass repair kits (glass bonding agent, knife, abrasive sheet ...).

  1. The first option is to bond the windscreen. Nowadays most of the windows are bonded, because glue has a longer lifespan than a seal. These windows usually have a black rim on which the adhesive can be applied. The black rim offers a better adhesion than if you would apply the glue directly to the glass. In addition, the edge also provides protection against UV radiation, making the adhesive last even longer. First, you need to remove the old glue, after which you can remove the window. This is where help comes in handy: it is easier and especially more sensible if another person can take the window.
  2. A second option is to install the windscreen into a metal frame by means of a two-piece seal. If this is the case, remove the filler profile and then push out the window. You can again ask your colleague to help you with this.
  3. The third and final option is that the window is clamped against the frame with a seal. In this case, you first need to remove the clamps and then take out the windscreen. Here too, you can certainly use the necessary help.

In all three cases it is also advisable to work with a suction cup. The suction cup is placed and air is extracted, as a result of which the window can be safely removed. We also recommend to always wear safety gloves and glasses to avoid risks. Haven't got this yet? In our Product special 'Safety products' you will definitely find what you need.

5. Install the new windscreen in your machine

You are now ready to fit the new windscreen in your machine. Install the window in the same way as the old window: by means of bonding agent, a two-piece seal or a seal clamped against the frame.

6. Reinstall the other accessories

In the second step we advised you to remove your rear-view mirror and windscreen wipers. In this final step, you can now reinstall these. And while you're working on the windscreen of your cab anyway, wouldn't it be a good idea to optimise your complete cab while you're at it? Read all about it in our blog containing 5 tips for an ideal working comfort inside your cabin.

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