How stainless steel pallet trucks can improve hygiene in your work place

27 May 2019

There are many ways to comply with the strict requirements regarding hygiene and safety at work. The solution appears to be obvious: use stainless steel transport equipment like pallet trucks (with weighing system or otherwise) to transport goods and food in your sector. That way, you're taking a step in the right direction and you can save a great deal on maintenance costs because this material has a longer lifespan. Let's have a look at why stainless steel appliances are a real must-have.

Stainless steel is especially used in the food-processing, chemical and health industry. Those sectors have to comply with many strict requirements regarding hygiene and health, which is logical, right? Because a lot of their products also come your way, as a consumer, producer, carrier ...

Hygiene and safety, where it all starts.

Let's be honest: if you can choose between a dirty work environment or a hygienic and clean one with ditto equipment ...
The choice is easy. Then it may also seem logical to you that medicines, food, chemical products and everything that has to do with health, needs to be transported and processed in a correct and extremely hygienic way. Excellent hygiene in the workplace is necessary to guarantee each person's well-being. That means that this starts right at the beginning, namely production and transport.


Discover an extensive range of stainless steel pallet trucks

Warm or cold temperatures in the workplace? Humid conditions? Stainless steel is perfect.

Because of the favourable mechanical properties of stainless steel, products made of this material can be used in both cold and warm spaces, but also for activities at room temperature. For example, if you use a steel pallet truck in those places, you will quickly see that the material and parts will rust a lot faster. As a result, you will have to replace parts sooner, and maintenance costs will increase rapidly. Why not switch to stainless steel, a material with numerous advantages? We will list some for you:

  • Longer lifespan thanks to the greater corrosion resistance
  • Low-maintenance and cost-effective
  • Hygienic, which makes this material very suitable for food contact
  • The high corrosion resistance also prevents the presence of bacteria and that way decreases the chances of food poisoning in the production or transport process.

The different stainless steel products in the TVH range

Contribute to a hygienic design of the work places or warehouses in your company and choose for stainless steel transport equipment like pallet trucks, platform trolleys, hand trolleys, lift tables etc. You can find a complete range at TVH. So, what are you waiting for?

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