How to avoid wear to the wheels of my pallet truck

20 April 2021

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Do the wheels on your pallet truck also wear out fast? Nevertheless, it is quite simple to extend the life span of your wheels. To do so, it is important to know what the causes are of premature wear.

Different factors can have an influence on the rate of wear on your wheels:

  • the material of the wheels
  • the storage area of your pallet truck
  • the conditions of use


Type of wheels your pallet truck is equipped with

The wheels can be made of different materials. What material did you choose? PU or VU wheels? Like most people, you may have chosen the cheapest and standard version, namely PU or polyurethane wheels. If you don't use your pallet truck intensively, but only on a smooth surface and to transport light to medium-heavy goods, then this is an excellent choice. Do you move heavy loads or do you work on a rough surface? Then you should opt for VU wheels, also called Vulkollan. These are more expensive than the PU version, but in exchange you get wheels of a superior quality that wear much slower. 

PU wheel

PU wheel

VU wheel

VU wheel

EXPERT TIP: In case of heavy-duty use, rough surfaces and heavy loads, it is best to invest in VU wheels. This will save you money in the long term.


A suitable storage space for your pallet truck

Once you have the correct wheels, it is important to store the pallet truck in a suitable location. If you store it outside or in an extremely cold location, the bearings of the wheels will rust much faster.

You have no other option than outdoor storage? In that case, opt for wheels with stainless steel bearings. Wheels are not standard equipped with stainless steel bearings. So if you know in advance that you will store your pallet truck outdoors, select this option.

Your device is not equipped with stainless steel bearings at the moment, but is still stored outside? We recommend trying to find a suitable space indoors, this will save you extra costs.

EXPERT TIP: If you store the pallet truck outside, opt for stainless steel bearings upon purchase. The bearings inside the wheels are less likely to break down soon.


Keep it clean

We all do it occasionally, let rubbish linger around thinking we clean or sweep it up later. Unfortunately, procrastination is not good enough for your pallet truck. Whenever waste such as tape or strings end up caught in the wheel, premature wear will occur. Do you notice anything hanging from the wheels? Remove it as soon as possible. Friction between the surface and the waste caught around or between the wheel, will gradually cause more and more damage.

EXPERT TIP: Check every day if waste is caught in the wheels.


Better make a detour

Take the kerb or not? Easy choice, no? We all take the short road, but with a pallet truck at hand it is best to make a detour. When you let a loaded pallet truck drive from a certain height, e.g. a step or kerb, onto the ground, there is a great chance that the wheels will burst. Maybe not the first time. But if you do this repeatedly, the risk of wheel breakage will of course increase.

EXPERT TIP: Keep away from obstacles such as steps or kerbs to avoid cracks in your wheels.


A pallet truck must roll, right?

Right! But it is up to you to make sure that it can. Everything has to do with the weight of your load. Never leave your pallet truck parked in a location in loaded condition. This will result in a flat spot on the wheels. The same problem occurs on locked wheels. Pulling the pallet truck loose causes a sharp jolt, resulting in damage to the wheels. You can indeed continue to drive, but in the meantime your wheel was damaged.

EXPERT TIP: Never leave your pallet truck overloaded, this way you prevent flat spots on your wheels.

There are many easy tricks to prevent wear. Remember to apply these in the correct manner. Store your pallet truck correctly and use it as it should. In this way you limit purchase and repair costs in the long term.


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