How to replace your pallet truck’s wheels

20 April 2021

Reading time: 2 minutes

Do your pallet truck’s wheels need replacing? Go for the cheapest option and replace them yourself, following our step-by-step guide below. We’ll show you how to quickly disassemble the fork and steering wheels of a standard pallet truck and how to put new ones on.

Replacing fork wheels

Before you start

Preperation is key. Make sure you dispose of the right tools:

  • a hammer
  • a small and large mandrel
  • new fork wheels

EXPERT TIP: place some kind of support under the wheels, like a wooden block. This will allow you to work more comfortably when using the hammer.


6 steps to replace fork wheels

1. Turn the pallet truck around.

2. Remove the 4 tension pins using a hammer and a small mandrel.

3. Remove the axle.

4. Install the new wheels and place the axle back in place.

5. Put the tension pins back in place, if necessary using a large mandrel for a larger striking surface.

6. Ready! Now the other side.


Replacing steering wheels

Before you start

Make sure you have the following tools:

  • a new snap ring
  • a snap ring rod
  • new steering wheels

EXPERT TIP: the bearings are lubricated by default when they are delivered, but it never hurts to lubricate them again. Do check this before replacing the wheels.


8 steps to replace steering wheels

1. Remove the protective cap.

2. Remove the snap ring using a snap ring rod.

3. Pull the wheel from the axle.

4. Push the new wheel on the axle and position the white spacer of the old wheel on the new one (counterbore side on the outside).

5. Take a new snap ring.

6. Position the snap ring using the snap ring rod.

7. Put the protective cap back in place.

8. Ready! Now the other side.


You just took the first step in replacing your pallet truck’s wheels: easy, quick and cheap! Time to get started. Use the right tools and appropriate wheels. You’ll find everything at TVH, always in stock and quickly delivered. Good luck!

Looking for the right wheels? Have a look in the ‘Pallet truck parts’ catalogue. Search for the available wheels per brand, order today and receive them tomorrow.

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