The 3 most important advantages of using a salt spreader or gritter

28 November 2018

Too much snow in your car parks, work area, aisles … Not looking forward to spending several hours sprinkling salt again? But are you aware that there are other solutions than using your own hands? Learn more about the alternatives below and discover what’s in it for you.


1. More applications than salt

The name ‘salt spreaders’ is actually poorly chosen. When thinking about salt spreaders, there’s more to spread than salt alone. This product is specifically designed to spread rock salt, dry sand and other high-volume gritting materials.

Good news for you, you don’t have to buy different devices to help you out! This also means that you don’t need a lot of storage place.

2. You use less salt than when you grit manually

snowThere are more pleasant things to do than to carry heavy bags of salt to clear your terrain of snow. And if you forgot your gloves on top of that, your hands will go numb with cold as a result of making the same repetitive movements in the cold weather conditions. 

Using a walk-behind spreader or mechanical solution to attach to your machine eliminates these issues. And that’s not all! When you spread the salt by hand, you aren’t sure whether you are distributing too much or too little salt. The spreader ensures that you don’t have to grit a second time or spend too much money on excess salt bags.

3. More time to focus on important things

Let’s think about the extra actions you eliminate by using a salt spreader:

bullet point No need to return to get a new salt bag, saving you a lot of time

bullet point When using a spreader attached to your vehicle, you don’t have to cover the entire surface on foot

The result? You save a lot of time, allowing you to engage in more important matters.

Choose for a stainless steel version to benefit from this extra advantage

If you are looking for a sustainable solution to spread or grit, the stainless steel applications are a perfect choice. These have a longer lifespan since they are resistant to salt and you don’t need to clean the spreader after every single use, saving you even more time.

Why opt for a TotalSource salt spreader?

Our TotalSource range stands for high quality at interesting prices. The range features different types of salt spreaders or gritters in various materials and with different capacities. You can find all types in our ‘Winter products’ product special on pages 18 and 19.

Tired of spreading salt manually? Time to try a salt spreader!

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