When do the wheels of my pallet truck need to be replaced?

31 May 2018

Your first thought is probably: ‘when they are worn, of course’ But when are the wheels actually worn and when do they need replacing? If you recognise one of the below situations, then don't hesitate any longer to replace the wheels of your pallet truck. This way, you also avoid damage to your pallet truck later on.

Wear of the polyurethane or Vulkollan down to the rim 

Apparently your pallet truck covered quite a few miles if your wheels are worn almost to the rim. Time to replace them immediately before you damage the floor any further! You can read here how to replace the wheels of your pallet truck.

Broken or cracked wheels 

Are you using your pallet truck in a correct way? When you let a loaded pallet truck drive from a certain height, e.g. a step or kerb, onto the ground, there is a great chance that the wheels will burst. Maybe not the first time. But if you do this repeatedly, the risk of wheel breakage will increase. Read more tips here about how to prevent wheel wear.

Flat spots on the tread

Have you detected a flat spot on the tread? Then it is very important to no longer the pallet truck. If you do choose to continue using the pallet truck with damaged wheels, more force will have to be used than necessary to move the pallet truck. In the long term, this can be detrimental to your floors and of course also for the pallet truck itself. 

Broken bearing: replace or install a new wheel?

Opt for the cheapest and fastest solution by fitting a new wheel. Replacing a bearing takes twice the amount of time and there is a considerable chance that you damage the wheel when removing the bearing. This would mean double costs, and surely that is something you want to avoid?

  Installation time per bearing/wheel
Replacing the bearing 20 min
Fitting a new wheel 8-10 min

Looking for the right wheel?

The time has come to replace your wheels? Then all you need to do is make the right choice.
TVH offers high-quality wheels for any make. You can find our range in the ‘Pallet truck parts’ catalogue. 


Tessa, TVH blogger

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