What lighting does your lift truck need?

15 February 2019
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Machinery is involved in more than 30% of the most serious industrial accidents. Visibility plays an important role in this. Also for you, as a forklift driver, it is important to be sufficiently visible on the shop floor. So don't just make sure that you have a clear view of your surroundings, but also that nobody loses sight of the vehicles in and around your company. In function of the safety and visibility on the shop floor, we provide you with a number of guidelines to optimise the lighting of your forklift truck.

Which worklights are mandatory? 

Legally speaking, your forklift truck must be equipped with a lighting system that sufficiently guarantees the safety of the employees during the work to be carried out. The most obvious solution is to mount LED or halogen lights on the fork carriage or overhead guard. This way, you have an amply illuminated zone in front of the forklift truck. 

Good front and rear lights make you easily visible, even in dark areas such as warehouses. 

Can you use your lift truck on public roads now? 

Yes, but you have to observe the traffic regulations with your forklift truck. There are also a number of other conditions attached. First of all, a number plate with number plate lighting is mandatory. Furthermore, your forklift truck must be equipped with: 

  • Both dimmed headlights and parking lights at the front
  • Indicators at the front and rear
  • Hazard warning lights
  • Red reflective triangle at the rear
  • Two rear lights 
  • Two brake lights 
  • At least two reflectors 

Finally, all lights must have an E-marking in order to be allowed on public roads. 

Make your truck even safer with projection warning lights 

The standard equipment for your forklift truck ensures that you as a driver can clearly see where you are driving. Meanwhile, various projection warning lights have been launched onto the market that also warn pedestrians for an oncoming machine. 

Blue spot warning lights

blue light

By means of a red or blue spot on the floor in front of or behind the forklift truck, everyone can see the machine coming before you come around the corner. The blue spot is a safety light that you can easily mount on top of the machine. 

Red zone light

red light

With a light that marks out a red zone along the machine, you can demarcate a safe distance for everyone in the workshop. This light can also be mounted in combination with the blue spot. By combining these warning lights, you create a safe zone in the front, back and on the sides.

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