Ground support & stabiliser plates

Is the work area difficult to reach? Do your heavy machines need to be supported on construction sites? TVH offers quality ground support and stabiliser plates made of high-grade synthetic material (UHMWPE). This makes them extremely resistant to cracks and breakage. They can even support weights up to 50 tonnes!

Ground support plate - REF 134TA8181 | Stabiliser plate - REF 107TA9631

The synthetic ground support plates offer safe access and a solid base for your machine on unpaved surfaces, such as construction sites. Even zones that must be protected against damage and - as a result - aren't easily accessible with heavy equipment (e.g. festival grounds, golf courts, cemeteries …), become perfectly accessible.

In the range, you can also find stabiliser plates to support machines on construction site. These don't only prevent the machine from slipping, but also prevent it from sinking into soft subsoil. The stabiliser plates are available in different dimensions and versions, for applications in various sectors.

Stabiliser plate holders
Stabiliser plate holders - REF 138TA8154

TVH's ground support and stabiliser plates are easy to move. The ground support plates have integrated handles on both ends that facilitate the placement and the precise alignment of the panels. The stabiliser plates are equipped with carrying straps, making them easy to transport. Furthermore all our plates are extremely light and therefore easy to carry. Our range also includes steel plate holders to store your stabiliser plates.

ground support plates
Carrying straps - Integrated handles

On top of that, with any order for 50 ground support plates or more, you can have you company name engraved in your plates for free. The ideal way to recognise your plates on a construction site.

Even more benefits:

  • easy to mount
  • easy to store
  • no moisture absorption
  • easy to clean

Curious about the complete range of ground support plates and accessories? Then have a look in our 'Attachments & handling equipment’ catalogue from page 146.

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