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TVH is a partner of ABL Lights for the material handling industry. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lights for heavy-duty applications, ABL Lights was an obvious choice for TVH.


ABL Lights Group is strategically positioned in the USA, Europe and Asia and was founded in 1875 in Caen, France. The company has a dedicated strive to offer the most relevant lighting  solution for their customers. ABL Lights became to many of world’s premier original equipment manufacturers (OEM) one of the major suppliers of:

- Halogen lights
Xenon HID lights
LED lights

They specialize in supporting the heavy-duty business with construction, mining, agriculture, forestry handling and utility vehicle industries by the ability to customize dedicated premium lighting solutions.

The Accessories product range of ABL lights is a merge of road and off-road lighting products.

Why choose ABL ?

For ABL Lights Group, these are the key strengths:

- innovation
- quality
- relevancy

Their specialization in lighting for heavy-duty applications, made them a world leading supplier.

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