TVH is a distributor for Albright in Australia and Brazil and has held stock worldwide for many years. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of contactors, Albright was an obvious choice for TVH.

Why choose Albright ?

Whichever Albright product you choose, you can rest assured it will have: 

 • An innovative and original design
Results in products that are compact and space-efficient without compromise. 

• Excellent standards of manufacture
Produce a superior quality of contactor. 

• Reliable performance
Proven in thousands of applications around the world. 

• High-specification materials
Including thermoset contact housings, silver alloy contact tips, substantial copper conductors, Class H insulation for coils and self-lubricating armature bearings.

More info

Albright International is a privately owned company that was founded in 1946 and has been successfully operated by three family generations. Commencing with the manufacture of the Albright contactor range in the 1950s, the strong tradition of designing and manufacturing its own products continues to this day. 

Albright is proud to be one of only a few other contactor companies that wholly designs and manufactures its own product ranges.