Femco info

TVH is recognized dealer for Femco since 2013.


The company was founded in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands. Femco® Drain Technology has been developing and manufacturing oil drain systems for over 30 years. Femco’s vision is to develop draining systems for every application, to ensure that oil changes worldwide are carried out pollution-free, efficiently and safely.

The Femco system can be used on all equipment where a fluid needs changing cleanly and efficiently. Simply replace the factory-fitted drain or sump plug. No special tools are needed!

Why choose Femco ?

Femco Drain Technology combines efficiency with environmental protection and ensures that oil changes are quick, straightforward and – especially - safe.

- Time-saving
- Prevents thread damage in the sump
- No replacement of copper washer
- Prevents burn injuries caused by hot oil or other non-toxic fluids
- Prevents direct contact with toxic fluids
- No expensive cleaning and environmental damage
- Prevents pollution of shop floor
- Quick and easy oil replacements, different designs