TVH is distributor for FRÖTEK cell connectors. Flexible connectors, perfect flexible connectors, flex end take-offs and perfect end take-offs. Why? Because our opinion is that FRÖTEK is the number 1 brand for cell connections. 


The name FRÖTEK stands for a competent partner with many years of experience in the global battery market. FRÖTEK offers all products for the assembly of industrial batteries from individual battery cells. Furthermore they can supply products for starter batteries and for cell formation. 

In short: FRÖTEK supplies everything above the cell from one source and in OEM quality. 


The name FRÖTEK-Kunststofftechnik GmbH has stood for innovation and progress for more than 25 years. Research and Development at FRÖTEK is focused on practical application and clients. Their engineers develop for future-oriented applications, solutions and products.

FRÖTEK owes their continuous growth to their development strength, their consistent investment strategy, flexibility and a strong international focus. Particularly in the growth regions in Eastern Europe and in Asia they strengthen their presence and acquire new clients in new markets.

Areas of expertise and competence:

  • Injection moulding of high-performance thermoplastics
  • Multi-component injection moulding
  • System development supported by comprehensive 
  • CAD-possibilities (e. g. Moldflow)
  • Resistance, ultrasonic and rotation welding
  • Generating prototypes
  • Building of small plants and tool making
  • Cost-efficient installation of sub-assemblies
  • Consultation concerning selection of suitable plastic materials


Of course quality has top priority. Since 2001 FRÖTEK has been certified according to ISO/TS 16949 and we take great pains to live this system.

A brand can only be successful, if you are successful and satisfied as well.

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