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Impco muffler
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TVH is Authorised IMPCO Distributor since 2002.


As a company that has been in business for over 50 years, IMPCO Technologies is the proud global market leader in the field of dedicated gaseous fuel systems for a wide range of industrial applications powered by internal combustion engines.

IMPCO develops, manufactures and markets products that enable internal combustion engines to operate on less expensive, cleaner burning fuel, which promotes both energy independence and a cleaner environment.

The products and the integration expertise enable IMPCO’s OEM customers and distributors to satisfy both customer specifications as well as government emissions regulations for application in the transportation & industrial sector, as well as lawn & garden, large stationary/small engine and power generation markets.

Why choose Impco ?

IMPCO continuously strives to be the leader in the manufacture of alternate fuel components and engine systems. We can only achieve our customers’ goals by expecting the best from our suppliers. They ask their suppliers to provide the best products with respect to quality, delivery and price.

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You will find our IMPCO products in the catalogue LPG system parts.