Lazy Sweeper

Lazy Sweeper mounted on forklift
Lazy Sweeper brush for forklifts
Lazy Sweeper brush for forklifts
Lazy Sweeper brush for forklifts

Lazy Sweeper info

TVH sells the Lazy Sweeper broom since 2010. 

Lazy Sweeper

The Lazy Sweeper is an attachment that allows you to convert your forklift into an industrial and effective broom in just seconds. The Lazy Sweeper is very easy to use and exists in 3 versions:

- Lazy Sweeper S: light-weight, yet high-performance broom, ideal for light-duty applications
- Lazy Sweeper M: for medium to heavy sweeping, suitable for industrial sweeping indoors and outdoors, with integrated fork mount.
- Lazy Sweeper L: heavy-duty sweeper with eleven rows of bristles for maximum sweeping power, suitable for the toughest sweeping requirements.

Why choose Lazy Sweeper ?

- Highly durable – no moving parts that can break down.
- Low cost of ownership: low bristle wear for a long life span - sweep up to 700 km before changing bristles!
- Simple to use: can be fitted onto the vehicle in mere seconds.
- Sweeps large areas efficiently: high output with low running costs.
- Able to push bulk wares: mulch, timber scraps, plastic, granules, aggregates, etc. (Type M and L).
- Easy to change the bristles.

More info

Check out our brochure Sweeper solutions or watch the demo video.