Rema battery connector
Rema battery connector
Rema battery connector


For decades REMA has been one of the most important suppliers of electrical and electronic components for material handling equipment used in the industry, trade and logistics. Customers include the world's largest forklift truck manufacturers, and many battery and charger manufacturers which REMA serves exclusively as original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

The corresponding spare parts market is served not only directly but also through customer service and dealers, such as TVH. The main products for this market segment are plug connectors, cable sets (also known as a MRC Charging Cables), emergency stop switches and special connections, either as a system or as individual parts.


A battery connector makes the connection between a battery and the vehicle. Only high quality connectors guarantee the safe and reliable use of electrical energy. Therefore, all REMA battery connectors discern themselves through proven functionality, ease of use, robust durability and so high-cost effectiveness.

The origin of today's internationally engaged REMA consortium dates back to 1919.

Founded to produce materials such as connection terminals and splices for the progressive electrification of Germany, REMA is a highly specialized major manufacturer today. Among the products are connector systems for charging electric vehicles, technologically sophisticated control components such as tiller heads and drawbar steering angle sensors, but also high-current interconnection materials and associated crimping tools.


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