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Sevcon has been at the forefront of electric vehicle control technology since the company was established in 1961. They have continually pushed the boundaries of technology, delivering new products that match the need for greater power and control.

Sevcon has been something of a pioneer since the early days. They were the first to demonstrate the use of SCR (silicon-based) technology for electric vehicle speed control. Once this had been perfected, they wasted little time in transferring this to practical applications in battery driven electric milk floats and forklifts.

Why choose Sevcon ?

Working alongside other world-class suppliers and OEMs, Sevcon is challenging technological boundaries as demand grows to generate greater power and efficiency from smaller, lighter components.

Today, the design of their motor controllers complements and integrates with other electric vehicle components to offer the best possible performance and value to a wide range of vehicles.

Sevcon offers a diverse range of products for electrically-powered vehicles from forklift trucks to high-performance sports cars, which are constructed to perform reliably in the most severe conditions.