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Since 1 January 2015 TVH has a global partnership with SME, an Italian high-technology manufacturer of electronic controllers and related products for application in battery-powered vehicles.


SME Group has a vast experience in electromagnetic, mechanical and control technologies. The company is a pioneer in motor control thanks to 25 years of experience in AC-field-oriented control technology.

Furthermore the company provides intelligent and innovative solutions to satisfy market requirements, and in this way achieves worldwide customer satisfaction.

Why choose SME ?

SME has always focused on high-quality systems, supported by the latest innovations to help their customers build better machines, provide high precision, efficiency, safety...

All aftermarket customers looking for SME spare parts will be redirected to TVH. While SME will continue to focus on the development and manufacturing of innovative solutions for OEM-customers, TVH will be the global aftermarket partner for the sales of new parts and the authorized repair and remanufacturing centre.