Vulkoprin wheels, rollers & castors
Vulkoprin wheels, rollers & castors

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Since 1964 Vulkoprin has been a leading manufacturer of the polyurethane elastomere Vulkollan, under license of Covestro AG Leverkusen. Vulkoprin built up a splendid image with its high-quality wheels, rollers, tyres and technical form parts for positioning, protection, shock-absorption ...

Vulkoprin is a specialist manufacturer of wheels, tyres and rollers for the most common makes of forklift trucks in today’s market.

Why choose Vulkoprin ?

Vulkollan® is unharmed by oils, benzene, petrol and the majority of acids, has great damping properties, high wear-resistance and tear strength, heavy load-carrying capacity and is resistant to temperature extremes (-40 °C to 110 °C).

Its applications:
Considering these properties Vulkollan® offers excellent solutions in: refrigerating plants, textile industry, food industry, offshore, fishery, slaughterhouses, chipboard industry, shipbuilding and port installations, airports, road building …

Vulkoprin is awarded the ISO 14001 Quality Certificate and gets renewal of ISO 9001.

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