Vulkoprin wheels, rollers & castors
Vulkoprin wheels, rollers & castors

Vulkoprin: quality in motion

Since 1964, Vulkoprin has been a leading manufacturer of the polyurethane elastomer Vulkollan®, under license of Covestro AG Leverkusen. Vulkoprin built up a splendid image with its high-quality wheels, rollers, press-on tyres and technical parts such as positioning elements, protective parts, shock absorbers, ...

Vulkoprin is a specialised manufacturer of wheels, press-on tyres and rollers for the most common makes of lift trucks in today’s market.

Vulkoprin: a class of its own

The wheel solutions manufactured by Vulkoprin have to be able to withstand extreme loads and temperatures, high speeds, wear and deformation. That's why Vulkoprin has developped a full range of high-grade polyurethanes, including its flagship product Vulkollan®. Over time, Vulkollan® has become the benchmark material for heavy-duty wheels and castors.

Why choose Vulkoprin products?

Exceptional product quality

Vulkollan® remains largely unharmed by oils, benzene, petrol and the majority of acids, has great damping properties, high wear-resistance and tear strength, heavy load-bearing capacity and is resistant to extreme temperatures (-40 °C to 110 °C).

Widespread applications

Vulkoprin offers excellent solutions for use in cold storage, the textile industry, food industry, offshore and fishing industry, slaughterhouses, the chipboard industry, shipbuilding and port installations, airports, road construction… The versatility of their products makes them ideal for use on a broad range of rolling equipment across many different sectors.

Vulkoprin is awarded the ISO 14001 Quality Certificate and ISO 9001 has been renewed.

State-of-the-art production facility

Thanks to its precision machines and powerful automation, flawless production can be ensured at all times. In addition, Vulkoprin has several moulding lines at its disposal, so that dimensions and formulations can be tailored to the customer's requirements. The fully automated polymerisation process ensures polyurethane (PU) of the highest quality. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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