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TVH is distributor of Zeca cable and hose reels since 2008.


Zeca was founded approximately 60 years ago as a manufacturer of accessories and spare parts for motor vehicles. During the first years of operation, the company developed a large number of tools for mechanics and thus, articles were created in those years allowing Zeca to stand out in Italy and abroad.

In the 70’s, Zeca introduced the product in Italy which is still known today as “Rotozeca", an automatic spring winder featuring an incandescent lamp holder.Today Zeca counts 20 categories of winders, for a total of 2500 different models!

Thanks to the on-going investments in the field of research, and accurate analyses of the market’s requests, Zeca offers safe products that assist the professional in his work.

Why choose Zeca ?

Zeca has been the ideal partner for all professionals for 60 years, paying attention to your suggestions and needs, and always presenting innovative products. Extremely high quality standards for all electric and pneumatic equipment that assist you in your work. Solutions aimed at ensuring the utmost safety of the operator, in compliance with applicable laws.


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You can find the Zeca products in our catalogue Consumables & accessories.

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