What's new in MyTotalSource?

October 10, 2020 - New main navigation

In order to better serve you, we have optimized the main navigation of MyTotalSource. All your trusted functionalities are still there, but the way to get to them has slightly changed. Here’s an overview of how to find your way in the new navigation.

1. How to create a part inquiry?

There are 3 ways to create a part inquiry:

A. Quick inquiry for 1 part

Quick inquiry for 1 part

B. COMING SOON: Quick multiline inquiry for multiple parts

Quick multiline inquiry for multiple parts

C. Go to your trusted inquiry screen by clicking on Multiline inquiry. Or navigate via the red navigation bar to your quote history, and then click New part inquiry.

Multiline inquiry

2. How to find your orders?

There are 2 options to navigate to your orders:

  • Via the new My Account dropdown menu
  • Via the red main navigation bar


3. How to find your invoices?

Via the new My Account dropdown you can navigate to your invoices.


4. How to find your search tools?

MyPartsFinder, MyProductSearch and Catalogues are now immediately available from every screen in the red navigation bar.

Search tools

5. How to enter a complaint, return, repair or technical question?

There are 2 options to navigate to complaints, returns, repairs and technical questions:

  • Via the new My Account dropdown
  • Via ‘Customer service’ in the top navigation

Complaints and returns

6. How to find MyMachines?

There are 2 options to navigate to MyMachines:

  • Via the new My Account dropdown
  • Via the red button on the homepage


7. How to find your notifications?

You can find your notifications behind the bell icon.


September 14, 2020 – My Lists

You can now find all types of lists in one overview. So no more tabs to click through

An overview of the most important changes in My Lists in 5 screenshots:

1. All lists in one overview. No more tabs

All lists can now be found in 1 easy overview under My Lists. The icons indicate which type of list it is. The most common lists being: Lists created by me, Lists shared with me (by other users on the same account) and Quick list (see 2).

List overview



2. Quick list moved from the top navigation to the My Lists overview

Quick list is now part of the My Lists overview. You will no longer find it in the top navigation. The functioning remains the same. An easy way to collect parts form (pdf) catalogues or a collection list for gathering parts (eg. a complete brake system) before entering a multiline quote. A Quick list is emptied when the customer leaves MTS. So remember: temporary!

Quick list



3. Add items to a list more easily

Add an item to a list by eg. clicking the star on the product page. You immediately get an overview of all lists in the pop-up. The same principle as the My Lists overview page.

Add to list



4. Good old list functionality, in a cleaner design

On the list detail view, you can add items straight to the list. You can select 1 or more items and get a quote or add them straight to your basket. You can also easily export the entire list by clicking the button in the upper right corner.

List detail



5. Edit your list details by clicking the 3 dots

You can easily edit the list details by clicking the 3 dots and selecting the pencil in the list overview or on the list detail page.

Edit list


July 14, 2020 – New product detail page

On the product detail page you now find more information than before. Next to product image and specifications, you now also find the price, stock & lead time, alternatives, suggested and frequently bought together items all on one page.

If you open the product detail page from MyPartsFinder (search by machine), a quote is immediately created, so you immediately get a price. You find your quote under Qoutes > Quote History.


July 14, 2020 – New checkout

The checkout process has become more efficient than before. Now there’s only 2 simple steps to place your order: basket -> checkout -> order is placed.

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