I want to
repair a battery regenerator

Whether it’s a minor adjustment or serious malfunction, we can fix your battery regenerators quickly. Please complete the form below to place your repair order.

Please be aware that a copy of this note must be attached to the outside of the box. The original must be inside. You will receive a copy of this form in your mailbox after completing the repair order. You can print the form from the mail. Please do not consolidate parts for repair with return parts as that might cause a delay.

Does the problem occur with different batteries?
Does the display show an error code?
Does the issue always occur?
Does the error occur during the restoration mode?
With low currents too?
Does the issue occur when discharging?
With low currents too?
Collection desired
Colli ready for collection

Please do everything necessary to correctly pack the appliance for transport. Minimum requirement: device on pallet with straps. All returns are subject to the return guidelines and general sales conditions at www.tvh.com/avv