Parts for articulated wheel loaders
Parts for articulated wheel loaders

Med över 10 800 tillgängliga varor och över 201 000 kända referenser, erbjuder TVH ett brett sortiment av delar för dumper och hjullastare.


Passar till: Avant - Ahlmann - Fuchs Shovel - Gehl - Giant - Kramer Allrad - Mecalac - Multione - Mustang - Oehler - Schäffer - Thaler - Wacker Neuson - Weidemann - ...

articulated wheel loader parts

Are you in need of cost-effective articulated wheel loader parts and accessories? Whether you manage a few articulated wheel loaders or an entire fleet of articulated wheel loaders, our aftermarket parts allow you to keep costs low and keep your articulated wheel loaders operating at peak productivity.

We are constantly adding new articulated wheel loader parts to our product lineup. Filters, tyres, batteries, engine components... You name it, we have it! Our aftermarket parts keep your articulated wheel loaders up and running. We offer:

  • 95% same-day shipment, next-day delivery to all our customers.
  • Customer support in 42 languages.
  • A dedicated technical support team that will provide you the best possible service imaginable.
  • With a database of more than 201 000 known references and over 10 800 references in stock, TVH offers an extensive range of wheel loader parts.

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Discover our extensive range of articulated wheel loader parts and accessories

Our commitment to first-class service and our in-depth knowledge makes TVH the reliable partner you need for your articulated wheel loader parts. By following industry and technological developments we continually expand our range of parts and accessories suitable for articulated wheel loaders. These include:





Hydraulic system parts

Hydraulsystem delar







Our parts are suitable for all major articulated wheel loader makes

To keep your articulated wheel loaders running long-term, access to high quality articulated wheel loader parts is essential. Since our origins in 1969, TVH has evolved into a major supplier of replacement parts suitable for all major articulated wheel loader makes. These include:

Atlas - Avant - Bobcat - Case - Caterpillar - Gehl - Giant - Hyundai - JCB - John Deere - Komatsu - Kramer Allrad - Kubota - Mecalac - Mustang - New Holland - Peljob -  Schäffer - Takeuchi - Terex - Volvo - Wacker Neuson - Weidemann - Yanmar - …

Our quality control department makes sure we only include quality articulated wheel loader parts and accessories in our product range. They have strict standards: 

  1. Sourcing and rating suppliers: Our new and existing suppliers are constantly assessed on product quality, the packaging of the goods and their overall reliability.
  2. Sample testing: All samples received from our suppliers are subjected to in-depth testing by our quality control department.
  3. Checks and storage: Incoming parts are measured and tested, based on the information stored in the system in technical sheets, technical drawings, sample testing reports and spec sheets for the specific part. If a part is approved, it is given an internal code and label, individually packed and then stored in our warehouse where conditions such as humidity and temperature are constantly monitored.

Learn more about our quality control department.

articulated wheel loaders catalogue

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Looking for information about articulated wheel loader parts? Browse our selection of handy catalogues. They deliver useful information, along with technical datasheets containing all the details you need.

They're available in multiple formats. Click the button below to download digital versions or order physical copies.

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Have you considered buying a remanufactured part for your articulated wheel loaders, instead of a brand-new one? It is the perfect alternative, because you get a top-quality part at a lower price, with the same warranty

Our unique range of remanufactured parts includes internal combustion engines, joysticks, battery chargers, accelerators, electric motors, radiators, gearboxes, attachments and more. Our in-house qualified technicians repair and test all remanufactured articulated wheel loader parts very precisely and according to strict quality standards. Drawing on decades of experience and in-depth expertise, we have developed innovative testing procedures that enable us to test remanufactured parts in simulated working conditions. 

Discover our full range of remanufactured parts.

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GEM One is a telematics fleet management solution that gives you the data and insights you need to operate your articulated wheel loaders fleet safely and efficiently. You make your fleet more productive, and make more money. Learn more about fleet management for articulated wheel loaders.

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  • Save research time and reduce search errors by registering your articulated wheel loaders in our online shop. You can personalise your equipment by adding your own reference, images, documents and notes.
  • Find the correct references or names of the articulated wheel loader parts you need with the search functions MyPartsFinder and MyProductSearch, using the technical specifications of the part or via the equipment make and type.
  • Immediately see the price, lead time, availability, pictures and technical features for every reference.

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