General info about reconditioned parts for industrial vehicles

What are reconditioned parts?

We repair parts in our specialised workshops at TVH's headquarters in Belgium that, after extensive testing, are placed in stock. This is done according to strict quality standards. These repaired parts, or reconditioned parts, are automatically shown on your offer whenever you inquire about a new part. If you inquire about a new reference via MyTotalSource or via our sales team and a reconditioned version of this part is available, then you will be informed of this. You can contact us for more information about the delivery times, questions about surcharges and returns of old parts.

Right from the start of TVH, reconditioned parts have been a vital part of our range and our service. Needless to say that we have already gathered the necessary know-how.

We offer these parts in 3 different ways:

1.  Reconditioned parts with return of old unit

When you purchase a reconditioned part, with return of your old unit, a surcharge amount will appear on your invoice. When you return your old part (subject to normal wear) to us, this surcharge is refunded to you. This is also shown on your offer.

Common reconditioned parts are: printed circuit boards, valve assemblies, electric motors, reductors ...

2.  Reconditioned parts without return of old unit

These are reconditioned parts that don't require the return of an old unit. As a result, no surcharge unit is mentioned on the offer.

Common reconditioned parts are: covers, stub axles, front axle housings ...

3.  Repair of parts

If no reconditioned part is available, then you can send us your faulty part for repair by our specialized engineers. These repairs receive the same warranties as our reconditioned parts. Repair request form.

Sell your old units to TVH

Are you planning to replace a faulty part on your machine by a new one? Did you know that the part you remove might still have a certain value? By selling your old units to TVH, the part doesn't need to be scrapped, which is a direct saving for you. We repair them and offer them a second life in another machine.

We purchase below parts:

Printed circuit boards Rear axles
Electric motors Orbitrol units
Steering housings Injection pumps
Reductors Converters
Hydraulic valves Hydrostatic parts
Electric joysticks Transmissions
Accelerators Internal combustion engines

Contact your sales advisor if you're interested to sell your second-hand parts. He/she will gladly help you.


Test configurations

We have invested considerably in test configurations and in people. TVH collaborates closely with surrounding colleges and universities. As a result we now have the most versatile and unique test benches to test our parts.

From reductors, over valves, to hydraulic cylinders and printed circuit boards: we can test all types of parts here. All electric motors and transmissions are supplied with a test report. This way you can see what aspects the motor or transmission was tested on. The test reports also receive a stamp of authenticity.


We also invest considerably in our people, the heart of our company. In our Training Centre our engineers regularly receive further training about the latest technical developments. This keeps them up-to-date.


Thanks to the investments in people and test configurations, we can offer our reconditioned parts with the same warranty conditions as our new parts.
Also have a look at our Quality Charter.


We purchase machines all over Europe, with the aim to disassemble them and recondition the usable parts. Our reconditioned parts department has a continuous stock of approximately 2000 machines from which we can recycle parts. We test the machines that arrive and recondition the parts that are still functional. To complete the process we repaint the parts, so that they look as new.

TVH goes green

TVH is strongly committed to the environment. This way we invested in solar panels and other durable green projects. Even our reconditioned parts contribute to a better environment. We recycle parts and recondition them in an environment-friendly way. This way you win twice: you pay a lower price and contribute to a greener society.