Find the right wheel for the right application

Do the wheels on your machine drag and slow you down? Do they occasionally slip? Do they wear out too quickly? Time for a change!

Choosing the right wheels in the right material will save time, money and unnecessary frustrations. With the correct wheel, minimum noise and maximum grip is achieved.

Wheels in the appropriate material will:

  • Decrease working hours by increasing work pace
  • Reduce wear and costs
  • Increase comfort while working

With our free selector tool, find which wheel materials best match your situation in only 3 steps..

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TVH offers 43,252 different wheels in many materials, dimensions and for a wide variety of machines.
Of which we have a total of 110,169 units in stock.

How to find the right wheel in 3 steps with the selector

Step 1

What surface is the wheel operating on? Choose the correct row in the table.

If you’re driving on asphalt, unpaved or uneven surfaces, you might need tyres instead of wheels.

Choose the surface
Step 2
External factors and operating time

An external environmental factor may affect your choice of wheel. For instance, if you drive on a greasy surface, check the 'oily floor' column.

Also consider the operating time: are your wheels used for a single 8-hr shift a day, or more?

External environmental factor
Step 3

Find suitable materials. And check if the material of your choice is used for your type of wheel.

Find possible materials


Become a wheel expert

With the selector, you will learn which wheel to use for which application. We want to help you:

  • know which wheel material to use
  • stand out from your competitors 
  • know when to offer your customers good-quality materials and when to offer them a standard wheel

Wheel types

What type of wheel are you looking for? A traction wheel, a roller or load wheel, a roller assembly, a press-on tyre or a castor? Take your pick.

Traction wheels

Traction wheels (aka drive wheels) deal with similar heat and debris issues as load wheels, while also providing traction for acceleration, braking and steering.

Read more about traction wheels

Roller assemblies

An assembly of more than one wheel. Provides a better load distribution.

Read more about roller assemblies

Rollers and load wheels

A load wheel carries a vehicle’s load and transfers the weight to a road surface or a track.

Read more about rollers and load wheels
Press-on urethane tyres

Press-on urethane tyres

Press-on urethane tyres are produced by moulding the material onto a steel cylindrical band.

Read more about press-on urethane tyres


A set of small swivelling wheels fixed to the legs or base of a heavy piece of furniture so that it can be moved easily.

Browse our range of wheels

You'll find all types of wheels at TVH. Take a look at what we have to offer.

Read more about our full range of wheels

TVH: the right place for the right wheel

Large stock
Large stock

Large stock of frequently ordered products means short lead times.

Extensive range
Extensive range

Extensive range of known references so you can always find the right product.

Quantity discounts
Quantity discounts

Order more, pay less.

Strong customer service
Strong customer service

Customer service is our top priority.

Great quality products
Great quality products

Great quality products from renowned European and US-based manufacturers.

Maximise wheel durability and lifespan
Maximise wheel durability and lifespan

Maximise wheel durability and lifespan with the correct material for the specific application.

1-year warranty
1-year warranty

1-year warranty on all wheels and rollers.

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