Safety lights

Safety lights prevent collisions and accidents, and illuminate blind spots. They’re safety tools you simply can’t do without. Our range includes a wide variety of rotating and flashing lights that attract attention, along with projection warning lights. These have become very popular in recent years thanks to their incredible effectiveness.

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Projection warning lights

Projection warning lights

Tired of the constant beeping of reversing forklifts? Prefer a safe, silent way to warn people in the warehouse about a machine’s movements? Achieve this quickly and easily with projection warning lights. Mounted on the vehicle, these safety lights create visual warning signals for anyone nearby. It’s easy to see which direction the forklift is moving in, and thus avoid collisions, accidents and injuries. Check out the range in this leaflet.

Rotating beacons and strobe lights

Rotating beacons and strobe lights

Rotating beacons and strobe lights make it easy to let people know where you’re working. They’re available in LED, xenon and halogen versions. Depending on the technology, rotating beacons and strobe lights work differently:

  • LED technology is used in both rotating beacons and strobe lights. The rotating beacon is created by using a specific sequence of flashes in the light.
  • Xenon technology is only used to create flashes.
  • Halogen lights use a mirror to project the light beam around.

Strobe lights are often bolted onto forklifts or attached with a magnet or suction cup. On tractors, it’s more common to have the lights pole mounted. We also have some plug-and-play models available. These are equipped with a magnetic mounting base and a 12 V plug; they’re very easy to install and uninstall as needed.

All LED and xenon beacons come fitted with an LED module or xenon tube. The voltage or voltage range they are suitable for is mentioned beside the reference. Beacons with halogen or bulb technology also list the voltages beside the references, and spare bulbs appear in the technical data below. 

We also offer a limited range of beacons for priority vehicles. The use of rotating beacons on priority vehicles is restricted. The user is responsible for ensuring all regulations are met.


TVH offers safety lights from many well-known brands like Hella, Cobo, Sirena, Tyri and ABL. We also offer an extensive range of TotalSource lights. TotalSource is our in-house brand, offering quality that’s equal to or better than original equipment brands for a better price.

The advantages of shopping at TVH

Our number-one goal is to offer you excellent quality for a great price. When you buy lights from TVH, you know you’re getting the best deal available. And if you need help? Our highly trained staff have the expertise and experience needed to help you find the perfect light for your situation.

The many benefits of buying safety lights from TVH:

Technical skills in-house

Technical skills

Customer support in 37 languages

Customer support in
37 languages

Same day shipment, next day delivery

Same-day shipment,
next-day delivery

Shop online, 24/7

Shop online, 24/7

Find the safety lights you need via MyProductSearch or MyPartsFinder in MyTotalSource. New to TVH? Click here to register. In just a few moments, you’ll have full access to our comprehensive range of safety lights. Do you have any light-related questions? Or would you like additional information? Please contact us

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