Pol Tijtgat: Parts mechanic

After his start in the automotive industry, Pol Tijtgat (53) switched to the repair of lift trucks, and later of lift truck parts. Since the company where he worked was acquired by TVH 18 years ago, Pol has been working with TVH as a mechanic.

In the meantime, Pol is a real senior. “We repair and recondition parts for all brands and models of lift trucks. I call myself the 'man of many problems'. But fortunately we also come up with a solution!. Thanks to my experience, I can help out everywhere. If anywhere in the workshop a machine is started, and something is not running right, I can hear that.”

“We work for the entire world. There will always be a region that is doing well, and that offers job security.”

When new colleagues begin, they start by repairing reductors. "Once they've got the hang of that, they can also start repairing other parts. They eventually end up in a group that repairs a specific type of part. This way they become real specialists in that field.

It is good working at TVH. Whenever somebody leaves, I'm sure they regret that decision afterwards and they would like to come back. Since we work for the entire world, we are also less susceptible to the crisis. There is always a region somewhere in the world that is prospering. That is why TVH offers a high job security.“

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