Seats, Seats, Seats!

12 September 2023
Are seats a part of your regularly scheduled maintenance checks? The seat is one of the most overlooked parts on equipment when going through safety and maintenance checks. Checking the wear and tear...

Maintaining Your Sweeper Scrubber Machine

5 September 2023
Your sweeper scrubber machines are a valuable component of keeping your workspace clean and safe for employees. Today, we’ll focus on the key maintenance areas of sweeper scrubbers required to keep...

V-Belts in Tip Top Shape

25 August 2023
The V-belt powers the water pump and therefore it keeps the water pump in motion. The main V-belt, also called a drive belt, connects to a pulley on the crankshaft of an engine. When the engine is up...

Squeaky Clean Squeegees

10 August 2023
Industrial squeegee machines are an essential tool for businesses that need to keep large surface areas clean. Sanitary floors provide many benefits, ranging from visually appealing working areas to...