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Revolutionise Material Handling with TVH's Cutting-Edge Electric Brake Range for Forklifts

As the industry leaps towards a more sustainable future, the demand for innovative solutions has never been higher. Enter TVH, a pioneer in providing top-notch parts and solutions for material handling equipment. In this blog post, we're excited to put a spotlight on TVH's groundbreaking electric brake range, engineered to redefine performance in forklifts and other material handling products.

5 most common radiator problems

Radiator problems? Are you using the right coolant for your radiator? Odds are, you find out in this blogpost! Radiators play a vital role in the engine's cooling mechanism. They facilitate the circulation of engine coolant throughout the engine block to effectively reduce its temperature. Dive into five common causes why radiators stop working correctly and what you can do to prevent that.

How can I tell when it’s time to replace my leaf chain?

Avoid failure under loads and potential safety hazards by following these tips. Discover the lifespan secrets of leaf chains! How long should they last? When is the perfect time to swap them out? Find insights on optimising your leaf chain's performance. Some wear and tear is easily spotted, but have you considered leaf chain elongation? Regular inspection is vital for ensuring the safe operation of any form of safety-critical materials handling equipment such as forklift trucks or telehandlers.

Keep your construction equipment growling

Since inner engine components are the heart of construction equipment, maintenance and replacements are vital. Proper care can save a lot of money by enhancing the machinery’s productivity. Furthermore, a well-maintained engine increases fuel efficiency, prolonged life expectancy and an extended working lifetime. Discover how our extensive range of internal engine components keeps every construction project going.

How to spot radiator leaks easily by following the coolant flow

Are you experiencing a sudden loss of cooling water? The coolant isn’t always hissing, dripping or being sprayed around. A sudden drop in liquid cooling level can occur after a very long time as a result of minuscule cracks. And sometimes, the radiator isn’t to blame. Only a thorough inspection of all cooling-related parts, from all sides, can bring some closure.


Hydraulic systems contain critical components that enable fluids to run from one point to another. At TVH, you'll find a comprehensive range of parts that guarantee a smooth and safe flow of hydraulic fluid through any system smoothly and safely. We offer a wide variety of hoses, tubes, fittings, connectors, couplings, and adaptors. And by providing a huge range of material combinations, thread types, sealing methods and capabilities, we offer a solution for every application.

Keep the heart of the cooling system pumping: Our water pump maintenance tips and tricks

29 December 2022
The water pump is the heart of an engine’s cooling system. Its primary function is to push coolant through the engine block, radiator and hoses to keep the engine system cool. A breakdown of the system may seem unpredictable but preventive maintenance and replacement of parts can prevent the worst in most cases. Our tips and tricks and extensive parts range are a great step towards less engine overheating.