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How our technical knowledge and test benches keep your transmission going

At TVH, we don’t just sell new parts. We have all the technical knowledge to test and repair parts in-house. We’re pushing hard for a more sustainable way of working. As firm believers in the circular economy, we rather try to repair broken transmission parts and complete assemblies than simply throw them away. Our test benches, combined with our technical experts, are perfect for the job.

Keep the heart of the cooling system pumping: Our water pump maintenance tips and tricks

29 December 2022
The water pump is the heart of an engine’s cooling system. Its primary function is to push coolant through the engine block, radiator and hoses to keep the engine system cool. A breakdown of the system may seem unpredictable but preventive maintenance and replacement of parts can prevent the worst in most cases. Our tips and tricks and extensive parts range are a great step towards less engine overheating.

How to choose the correct wheels for a flat surface?

Keeping a warehouse running smoothly takes its toll on a machine’s wheels, and the wrong choice can harm your bottom line. The extensive TVH range means you’ll always find the right wheels to ensure your operations stay on track. Discover which wheels to choose for a flat surface.

What could be wrong with the driver’s seat?

As a forklift, telehandler, tractor or other machine driver, you know that the seat is one of the most important machine parts when it comes to comfortably executing the job. We can help you figure out which seat problems could occur and how to solve them.

How to identify your hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders exist in a vast variety of types and sizes. It can be quite difficult to identify the right type of cylinder for your particular machine and application. Thankfully, you can count on our expertise to help you find the right hydraulic cylinder! Together, the search for the right cylinder can happen easily, quickly and comfortably.
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