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Ongoing training for you and your team is important; the skills gained save your organisation time and money.

TVH University provides practice-oriented technical training courses suitable for industrial vehicles such as forklifts, telehandlers, mobile elevating work platforms, small earth-moving equipment and tractors.

  • Get certified in industry-related topics such as internal combustion engines, electrics/electronics, hydraulics, and power electronics
  • Highly qualified trainers with years of practical experience
  • Courses include both in-person training classes and digital training packages

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Become an expert in your field

We deliver expertise in industry-related topics such as internal combustion engines, electrics and electronics, hydraulics, and power electronics. We offer advanced-skills courses for experienced engineers, along with foundational courses for beginners and employees in technical-commercial workplaces.

Internal Combustion Engines

  • Master knowledge about the consequences of maintenance and diagnostics
  • Learn the best ways to maintain new engines and after-treatment systems
  • Discover the key points you need to focus on to optimise fuel supply
  • Recognise and locate sensors and actuators in different machines
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  • Recognise different components and locate them on a diagram
  • Learn about electrical and electronic operating principles
  • Perform a diagnosis using modern tools
  • Become familiar with the signals given by common sensors and actuators
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  • Recognise parts on a machine and on a diagram
  • Gain insight into the operating principles of hydraulics
  • Get to know the function of common components
  • Detect and resolve hydraulic faults and defects
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Power Electronics

  • Prepare a battery report to detect faulty cells
  • How to set a charger in accordance with the battery
  • Solve problems with AC/DC motors
  • Configure parameters and calibrate controllers
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  • Learn about the functioning and fields of application of machines
  • Recognise different components and locate them on a machine
  • Advise customers about parts and machines
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Find tailor-made training courses at TVH University

Do you need a specific training course tailored to your company’s needs? TVH University offers bespoke training courses that are held at our training centre or a location of your choice. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

TVH Technical training courses 2021

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University trainers

Personal guidance from expert to expert

Our highly qualified trainers have years of practical experience in their fields of expertise, and they’ve gained valuable knowledge that they’re happy to pass on to you at one of our training sessions.

Training courses are available in English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish.

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Choose from How-to sessions or Full Technical Training classes

How-to Sessions
Short & Interactive
Digital How-to Sessions
  • 1.5-hour online sessions
  • Focus on specific topics such as error codes, electrical faults, new emission regulation systems, and more
  • Visit our How-to sessions pages for more information


Technical training
Digital or In-person
Digital and In-person Technical Training Classes
  • Digital packages: e-learning + live virtual classroom session
  • Possibility to extend your digital package with a practical training session
  • In-person training classes


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How-to sessions

The advance of electrification of today's machinery is driving the evolution of new battery technology. Li-ion is taking the lead. Learn about the impact on the use, maintenance and safety of this new type of batteries in the workshop.

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1 67.5
2 63.75
3+ 60
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Industrial applications and material handling cannot be imagined without the use of hydraulics. In this session, you will gain insight into the construction of a system and the various components in a machine. What do we mean by pressure build-up, flow and power? All the important components are discussed separately, followed by the most logical diagnostic steps. To conclude, the emphasis is on safety when checking a machine!

Participants Price (per participant)
1 67.5
2 63.75
3+ 60
Participant(s) Price (per participant) Total
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Due to the latest emission standards, a diesel engine is no longer conceivable without a common rail system. How is a common rail system constructed and what is the function of the components? During the session, you will gain insight into the working principle and the points of attention. Where are the pitfalls?
CAN bus is a communication system used in modern machines to transfer data from one module to another. How does this work? Where are the pitfalls and what is the impact on troubleshooting?

Participants Price (per participant)
1 67.5
2 63.75
3+ 60
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